At ORB, we’re proud to announce that we install AOV smoke ventilation systems, especially in high-rise buildings like residential and commercial developments. With new developments constantly on the rise in the UK, modern smoke ventilation systems are the most effective form of smoke control available in today’s world. 

Why is it important

AOV Smoke ventilation systems play a vital role when it comes to a fire emergency. The main purpose behind a smoke ventilation system prevents the build-up of detrimental smoke, heat and toxic fumes, extending the tenability of the evacuation and rescue routes as well as increasing the time available for building occupants to escape, hoping to save lives of those in the building – Smoke is never to be underestimated.

How does it work:

  1. In the event of a fire, the smoke will accumulate and begin to disperse around any open areas, activating the smoke alarm detectors, which forces opens the fresh air inlet shafts as well as the high-level smoke extractor fans.

2. This allows cool air into the building, forcing the hot air and smoke out via the roof ventilator, providing a smoke free layer for safe escape.

3. The smoke free layer allows safe access for the fire to be fought and extinguished through the Dry Riser Outlet.