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Outside Lighting

Outside Lighting

It is finally here. We have been waiting since September for it. No, it is not the return of another mindless reality show, but Spring! With Spring follows Summer. Which means we will be out in our gardens, hosting BBQ’s and drinking with friends and family. This is...
Why should you use a professional electrician?

Why should you use a professional electrician?

It is that time of year again when we are in bank holiday season. Most people’s thoughts turn to DIY inside and getting the garden ready for Summer. A lick of paint, putting up a new shelf and planting some flowers are well within most people’s remits. It is then you...
5 myths busted about electricity

5 myths busted about electricity

I am not Adam Savage. I am not Jamie Hyneman. Those American chaps on the TV love to bust a myth. Be it finding out if gummy bears make good rocket fuel or if a minefield can be safely crossed in a hovercraft. They have their niche, I have mine. Electricity. I work...

Office lighting, not such a bright idea?

Office lighting does affect a business. But how? With people working longer hours having dim or intense office lighting will take its toll on the staff. By not having the right balance of light office workers will get headaches, strained eyes, drowsiness and become...

Security lighting

If you were out late at night and walking home, where would you feel safest? In a dark alley or a brightly lit street? How many times have you heard a noise in the garden and peered through the window with your faced pressed the glass trying to see what is out there?...

Rewiring a house

It is a dilemma faced by those who have just purchased a house. How do you know if the property needs rewiring? If a house is more than 25 years old and with Bristol comprising mainly of Victorian, 1930’s and 1970’s constructions means the answer would be yes. You can...