We’re EO Charging Certified! 

It’s time for ORB Energy to help take our future to the next level because believe it or not, we’re here to push the boundaries and make anything happen!

Being fully qualified EO Charging certified, we are able to provide Electric Vehicle Charging Installations! So, it may be time to say goodbye to you diesel goers because we’ve seen the future and it’s electric.

What does EO stand for? Electricity Online

The central principle is to design smart energy technologies for the future, along with a vision to construct and generate a new charging ecosystem to provide businesses and domestic individuals with the power of energy autonomy. Besides, we’ve seen the benefits of dedicated charging points across the region, that’s why we’re believers that are ready for change!

EO Charging CertifiedEO Charging CertifiedEO Charging CertifiedEO Charging Certified

With this efficient electric vehicle charging kit being small, smart and safe, we can ensure there’s an EO charger made specifically for you. All you need to do is select your design, power rating and plug type – It’s really that simple!

At ORB, we’re always here to provide you with the best service possible, so for some of you smart lovers out there, you will be provided with a smart charger, allowing you to manage, monitor and schedule your charging sessions with the EP Smart Home app, making your charging life trouble-free.

Want to start your electric adventure with us?! Then get in touch. Our team of experts would love to hear from you!