At ORB, we’ve got a team of experts who install fire alarm systems in both residential and commercial developments. These include Mains Powered Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detections and Landlord communal fire alarms.

Mains Powered Fire Alarms

The majority of properties in the UK have battery-operated smoke alarms. However, mains powered smoke alarms on each of the floors are the most reliable method of providing an early warning in case a fire breaks out. These types of alarms must now be installed in all new build homes.

Mains-wired smoke alarms are also required in certain types of areas in your home including

  • In loft conversions
  • Bedrooms, kitchens, living or dining rooms) above ground floor level


Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detections

The installation of a carbon monoxide alarm and a smoke alarm should be a key component of fire safety and protecting occupants in residential, commercial or industrial buildings.  

The main purpose of this alarm is to provide the protection of two different devices in one system. These include sensing technologies that work together to detect a fire, any smell and carbon monoxide, which often builds up as a result of a fire.  


Landlord Communal Fire Alarms

There’s been slight confusion as to the appropriate fire warning strategy for commercial and industrial developments. This has often resulted in a communal fire alarm system, ones you may find in a hotel or residential development. Landlord communal fire alarms are fire detectors within the flat or communal areas, which sends an alarm signal throughout the premises, including every flat.