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Fuego, Feu, Fuoco, Feuer, Fire! It doesn’t matter which language you say it in fire affects us all. Recent government studies for 2014/2015** state that there were 31,300 house fires within that time period. A staggering 30% of these fires happened within houses without smoke alarms, which led to a 35% death rate. A standard smoke alarm is easy to install and will save lives. Again, as per last month’s blog we have to ask ourselves what price do we put on our loved ones.

There are many, many smoke alarms available on the market which can be obtained from any hardware store. As you will be aware from recent TV advertisements the emphasis has been on you to regularly test the alarm so that the battery still works.

Did you know that new residential buildings, conversions and some small businesses require mains powered interlinked smoke alarms?

In my opinion even if your dwelling does not come into the above mentioned categories a hardwired smoke alarm system gives you the piece of mind that they will work 24/7 as they are powered by the mains electrical supply. If the power fails, batteries are also installed to provide backup.

** https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/fire-statistics-great-britain