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Security lighting

If you were out late at night and walking home, where would you feel safest? In a dark alley or a brightly lit street? How many times have you heard a noise in the garden and peered through the window with your faced pressed the glass trying to see what is out there?...

Rewiring a house

It is a dilemma faced by those who have just purchased a house. How do you know if the property needs rewiring? If a house is more than 25 years old and with Bristol comprising mainly of Victorian, 1930’s and 1970’s constructions means the answer would be yes. You can...

Fuego, Feu, Fuoco, Feuer, Fire!

Fuego, Feu, Fuoco, Feuer, Fire! It doesn’t matter which language you say it in fire affects us all. Recent government studies for 2014/2015** state that there were 31,300 house fires within that time period. A staggering 30% of these fires happened within houses...

The Importance of an RCD unit

We have all seen the cartoons where someone receives an electric shock, their hair stands on end, sparks radiate around the body, they are suspended in the air and we see their skeleton! However funny this may seem when we were kids watching Scooby Doo, a real...

FREE Estimate for any of our services

At ORB Electrical we offer a FREE estimate for all of our services. Our services include: Heating Systems Smoke alarms LED lighting conversions Full rewires Part rewires Disk Board changes Additional Circuits Extensions Down Inspection & Testing CCTV & Alarms...