It is finally here. We have been waiting since September for it. No, it is not the return of another mindless reality show, but Spring! With Spring follows Summer, which means we will be out in our gardens, hosting BBQ’s and drinking with friends and family.

This is where you can stand out as the party host. Forget retreating into the house when dusk comes, you can stay outside well into the early hours.

How? With outside lighting. After all, Spring and summer do not last long so make the most of it. 

I am sure we have all bought those cheap solar powered LED lights. You might as well use a tealight. They really do not throw that much light into the garden. The same can be said for those oil lamps.

light-bulb-1209491_640  lamps-474302_640

Our gardens are usually the largest space we have in our homes and are becoming “another room”. So why not use lighting like you would in an inside room?  You can accentuate any landscape or architectural features. Patios and decking become an inviting place to sit and eat. There is also the bonus of illuminating pathways so not to trip over in the dark if retrieving items from the shed.

So, what is the solution to those poorly illuminated solar lights? The answer is plug in or mains wired electrical lighting. They are competitively priced and effective.

You can go for the shabby chic look with plug in festoon lights and fairy lights. They do have a certain appeal and will give some depth of light.

bokeh-1879081_640  ORB OUTSIDELIGHTING

The best solution for more light really is mains wired lighting. Here are some examples of lighting to try:

  • LED Decking lighting
  • Up and down wall lighting (pictured above)
  • Brick lights
  • Post lights
  • Spotlights

As with any electrical work installing outside lighting is not a DIY project and recommend a professional electrician to carry out the work.

Get outside, let your mind imagine that illuminated garden, get on line and make it happen. Because, before you know it, you will be putting up the lights on the Christmas tree.