In today’s world,  PV solar panels are great when it comes to saving electricity bills and most importantly, they help reduce carbon footprint in your living environment. This is because they can be replenished unlike fossil fuels, which is why more people are investing in solar panels to power their homes.

How do they work?

Once the panels have been placed on top of the roof of your home, the PV Solar panels work by absorbing the natural sunlight with the help from photovoltaic (PV) cells. They then convert the sunlight into direct current energy which travels through the house to an inverter, which then converts it to an alternating current energy, flowing through the homes electrical panel which aids in powering any appliances with electricity.  However, if you use more electricity than the panels are able to create, any excess electricity will be sent off the electric grid, which provides you with electricity if needed.

In simple terms:

  • Sunlight activates the PV solar panels
  • Electrons flow to produce electrical current
  • Electrical energy is then converted
  • The converted electricity powers your home
  • A smart electric meter then measures usage

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